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Commercial Building Design


Axis Architecture is one of the top-rankers in the world of architecture. They’ve built huge commercial buildings with a focus on both looks and sustainability, making sure the environment around the buildings stays green. This impressive company has played a winning toss when it comes to designing commercial buildings. They bring their client’s visions to life with detailed and beautiful architecture. They always deliver on time and their buildings are perfect. Here are some of the amazing creations by Axis Architecture. Whether it’s about looks or simplicity, Axis Architecture has shown a strong commitment to keeping things eco-friendly and sustainable.

Axis Architecture, a global company, takes care of its clients’ needs. They pay close attention to the appearance and unique designs of their buildings. Every architect faces the challenge of making a modern building with a touch of tradition. People expect buildings to meet their needs while also looking stylish. Whether it’s a restaurant or a shopping complex, the public wants a modern design in every part of the building.

The team at Axis Architecture made up of current-generation architectural experts, always creates standout designs for their clients. They match the latest trends & ensure as per the requirements of the clients. Restaurants are designed to be bright and welcoming for guests. The skilled architects at Axis Architecture give buildings a stunning finish and incorporate green designs into the outdoor spaces. Commercial buildings, which are important for businesses, are formal, clear, and comfortable. The team always maintains high architectural quality and creates innovative landscapes with sophistication and elegance.

Commercial Building Design Projects

Santoriini Resort

Area 32,000 Sq. ft.
Completion Year: 2022

Dayal Paradise

Area: 60,000 Sq. ft
Completion: 2012

Royal Grace

Area: 2,10,000 Sq. ft.
Completion: Under Opp.

SR Engineering

Area 10,00,000Sq. ft.
Completion Year: 2011

Legend INN


Area: 17000 Sq. ft.
Completion: 2015

Wardrobe Jhansi & Penguin Tower Sitapur

Area 1,05,000
completion Year: 2013

Vijay Tower & NISSAN BR

Area: 1,05,000 Sq. ft.
Completion: 2019

Kunwar's Global School

Area 100,000
Completion: 2016